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Remember when you were little peering into a kaleidoscope excited about finding all kinds of stuff? Well welcome to the Triangle 411 Podcast where you’ll find all kinds of stuff! The Triangle 411 Podcast is a vibrant collection of stories medical breakthroughs what’s trending help hot topics entertainment social good events and boundless other adventures. Engaging interviews are compelling witty and sneak behind the scenes for fresh twists on old subjects. A conversation pit of comedians politicians authors chefs sports figures experts the common and the uncommon are featured.[p]
National and local topics include career advice marketing tips environmental solutions COVID-19 info and what to do this weekend as well as input from city mayors local heroes interviews with Women's US World Cup Champ Jessica McDonald and James Beard finalist Chef Cheetie Kumar insights into the Clinton and Klobuchar campaigns getting involved in diversity modeling space travel Death Cafes psychic artists the touching story of Purple Heart recipient Labrador retriever Sgt. Yeager who served in Iraq and so much more.[p]
There’s something for everyone. Even those “in the know” will want to know the expansive information this podcast serves up. So join in the fun or get serious with us on all major podcast platforms including iTunes/Apple Spotify Google iHeart Radio Pandora Alexa Stitcher TuneIn Castro etc. or at our website Triangle411.buzzsprout.com Listenership is hold harmless and for entertainment purposes and does not act as an endorsement suggestion or full investigation.

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